Reading List

The list of books I liked that are related in some way or another to the subjects of this blog, in no particular order.

Darkness Visible, by William Styron

Prozac Nation and More, Now, Again by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Night Falls Fast, Touched With Fire, and Exuberance by Kay Redfield Jamison

The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom

A Fortunate Man by John Berger



  1. I actually read the William Styron’s book eight years ago, and that was the period of my life when I realized there was something wrong with me more than just a sour mood. Frustratingly it is still almost impossible in a normal conversation to haveother people accept that depression is not just a low mood but something altogether different… That is why is so important to read that kind of books, because they tell you are not alone, and somtimes even give you the words to describe what is close to be unexpressable.


  2. Yes, I liked that book because it managed to convey how horrible it is, without being whiny, or apologizing that it isn’t a physical pain.

  3. O!, i l o v e d “More, Now Again”….what a great book. and the photo on the cover…i cannot count the number of times i have looked at it and thought, “i wish i looked like her”…don’t know how to explain it…something about her eyes…and her terrible,sad stunning beauty…(hope we have the same version of the book!). And i also love the works of Yalom, “The Gift of Therapy” was excellent. So was “Momma and the Meaning of Life”. i loved the way he analyzed his dream in the first chapter. i love the way he writes about his patients, especially the one time he wrote about a lady with BPD. Sooooooo good.
    take good care, m’dear

  4. I have just ordered darkness visable on amazon, i read a review of it months ago and your great post on books to read has just reminded me of it. Thankyou
    I have not read prozac nation but did watch the film (i assume that there are large differences between the two) and didnt like it on bit, I suppose i could connect to her fatigue but the way she could sleep all the time is nothing like what i have experience, i suppose we are all different. I also found her difficult to empathise with because of her relations with other people and the way that she treated them. I know when depressed most of us foces on ourselves and become inward looking which hinders relationships with other people but the film just left me disliking her and not understanding her struggle with mental health problems

  5. Prozac nation is on my list of books to read next year, when I once again have access to a public library (am away on elective right now and most libraries don’t like issuing cards to “transients”, so got a stack of cheapo 2nd hand books instead, to prevent me getting withdrawal seizures).

  6. just subscribing for new posts

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