Best of…

Don’t want to read every bitchy story about minutiae? Try these posts for the more literary, rich stories.

Introductory Post

How I Got Manic Depression

On Suicidal Thoughts

My thoughts about femininity, femaleness, and cosmology and then On Love and Lust

Going Off Meds and the continuation/stigma

To Tell or Not To Tell. Oddly enough, there is very little on the internet about telling your friends about mental illness: Part One, Part Two, Part Three (in which I tell)

On Shrinks, or My Advice To You and part two of that, on reasonable expectations

On Mental Illness and Stigma in Medicine

The Emergency / A&E Guide for Crazy People

The Good in All This, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

On Depression and Myth, the part shrinks just don’t get

The Cyclothymic Personality and Me



  1. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences as they are very helpful to me. I’m fighting depression and just had that fight with Cymbalta, suicidal thoughts and all. Just changed medication and feeling hopeful. I also share your thoughts about shrinks. It’s hard to trust them but when you’re desperate your choices are few.

  2. um…I couldn’t find a place to comment ,so here I am…….you and I should have a chat!..we share a lot in common…….If you want a change,we can kinda sort it out…..leave a reply,if you are interested…(and yeah! I have an alter ego just like you do).

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