Psych Meds I Have Taken

Someone recently  blogged a full list, I thought it was kind of interesting, so once again, I’m bumping a substantial post down the ladder for this one. Here is my list; feel free to add your own:

  • Prozac (when it was new and pretty  much the only thing on the market)
  • Zoloft
  • Nortriptyline (my wonder drug, which I had to stop due to freak side effect, and if it were up to me, I’d keep taking it, consequences be damned)
  • Effexor (worst side effects)
  • Lithium
  • Cymbalta (most useless drug I have taken, horrible withdrawal)
  • Bupropion
  • Desipramine

This does not include the various benzos and sedatives tossed my way to shut me up from time to time when I was particularly obnoxious.

The absence of any other mood stabilizer is due to my stubborn refusal and fear of trying them and denial that I probably need one, not doctors’ ineptitude. I may have tossed back a few days worth of some new SSRIs but not in any significant amount.

I guess I’m lucky not to have (yet) been hit with anything harder.



  1. You haven’t tried Topamax. It’s a fantastic mood stabilizer. It worked for me when nothing else did and it doesn’t make you gain weight. It also helped me very much with my depressions, but I still get to be hypo manic at times and that can be fun.

  2. |I haven’t even tried lamictal, which everyone loves.

  3. Lamctical was worthless for me, and Topamax worked well to keep me from bingeing. I don’t know about as a mood stabilizer.

  4. In no particular order:
    I have been on:

    Imipramine (first ever – had an arrythmia @ age 11 – thought I was having a full out MI)
    Wellbutrin (SR, XL)
    (Some other ADHD meds)

    And I’m sure some other ones too that I can’t remember

    Right now, my cocktail of Lamictal, Topomax and Wellbutrin seems to be working, except for right now… nothing’s working. I agree about the topomax – it helps to keep my weight down (along with the Wellbutrin). As I’ve mentioned 100 other times, I won’t take a med if it has even the slightest risk of weight gain.

  5. I just wrote a whole comment and your blog ate it.

    I’m on topomax, wellbutrin and lamictal now. I listed my entire history of meds… Which I’ll do again at some other time when I’m not falling off my face tired. But suffice to say, it looks similar to yours with a couple anti-psychotics and more mood-stabilizers thrown into the mix.

    I won’t take any meds anymore if they have even the slightest risk of weight gain… I use those only as acute emergency back up drugs.

  6. Weight gain is not the side effect that would be a deal breaker; actually my best med was the biggest weight gainer of all, and I did not care – I’d rather be fat and happy any day.

  7. S~ yes, in theory you’re right, but I think my eating disordered past and the bipolar issues now are enmeshed and entangled enough that gaining weight would set everything off…

  8. hello!
    I have to say, I’m in the lamictal fan club; it’s the only med that’s made an ounce of difference for me. Am currently very tired of the guesswork involved with meds. It’s interesting to hear what other people are taking. take care x

  9. i might actually win out this on this one! i’ve been on paxil, effexor XR, trazadone, zoloft, wellbutrin SR, depakote, prozac, lexapro, neurontin, risperdal, clomipramine, seroquel, cymbalta, nefazadone, cytomel, lamictal, nortryptaline, and lithium – virtually all of them on multiple doses and many in combination. most of the anti-psychotics were added as augmentation to anti-depressants, though.

    clomipramine was my miracle drug that gave me 2.5 years of normalcy, though it also had a lot of weight gain. i have to agree with you, sara, i’d rather be heavy but happy, healthy, content, at peace, then have the slim frame i’d always had (pre-clomipramine) but with the devastating depression that destroyed my life. if the clomipramine hadn’t ‘pooped out,’ i’d go back on in it in a second and run the risk of gaining more weight.

    otherwise, effexor xr gave me a good year or so twice in two different periods a couple of years apart, wellbutrin and serzone were genuine nightmare drugs for me, but nothing else had any significant results. lithium has given me a break from the nastier sides of hypomania/mania, and in conjunction with effexor, seems to be keeping things relatively stabilized….

  10. yeah sarah…too bad it pooped out…i had that great life on nortriptyline, though i also gained weight i never lost. it started to give me horrible photosensitivity. i still get it even though i’m months or even a year off of it – it builds up in the skin. i’d take it in a minute again, i’m afraid i’ll never feel right again.

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