Things here are mostly the same, maybe slightly better since I’m working back at my main hospital, mood more or less stable, but in a slow decline. Physical health also taxing and on top of it, a massive viral infection (winter in the ER, joy to the world), but whatever. I can deal a lot better with that than the brain stuff.

But for your reading enjoyment, here’s a great post over at BipolarLawyerCook. The third paragraph is exactly what I think about having kids.



  1. Physical illness is very draining, and it’s tough to fight them both.

  2. Can’t help but feel that you’re not really happy and long for the day that you are.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been sick.

    Hope you are on the mend with your infection.

  4. Sara, please take care… sending you the warmest hugs in this planet. lots of love from Milo.xxxxxooooooo

  5. Sending peaceful and strengthening thoughts your way. I KNOW you’re a med pro, but just to be safe – did you know that upper resipiratory (sp) infections can screw around with your moods. It has to do with the intracellular processing of calcium as a response to the infection, but it excites the old monoamines as well.

    Shoo away, colds and flus.

    Much love.

  6. oh my goodness Sophie in the Moonlight! i didn’t know this… I remember having a really bad fight with my family when i was going through a bout of bronchitis… well it all started with an upper respiratory infection… thank you so very much for sharing… lots of love Milo.
    for Sara: get well soooooooon! xxxxxxooooooo

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