Not a post, article link

Too busy to post, hanging together mood-wise, not great but ok. But I came across this NYT article, and, hmm, sound familiar?



  1. This makes me really second guess the fact that my psychiatrist wants me to be labeled with a personality disorder (Borderline) since I have proven to be resistant to treatment for my original disease, bipolar I. Thanks for the link!

  2. Good article!

  3. Excellent article…it hints upon what the two really good psy/therapists used to try to help me do…not to sound ego-centric here-, but to try to find the positives about myself, some acomplishments i m a y have made, ect…

  4. I was planning on writing a post on this and dedicating it to you… not sure how you’d feel about it… haven’t written the post yet either… but it’s on my list of things to do.

  5. The article brings to light a problem I had for years until I got the right mood stabilizer . Suddenly I felt better and was able to recuperate for long periods of time. There is a tendency to blame the patient when the right medication hasn’t been found. The patient has to be the devil’s advocate and fight for himself and insist on trying newer and better medicines.

  6. Hi Sara,
    I just left a remark to your message on my last post. This post was perfect and so true. I suggest you print it off and bring it, or mail it if you are not feeling so brave, to your pdoc. Maybe attach a scientific article about refractory mood disorders, and how at the very least 10% of people with mood disorders have tretment resistant mood disorders. I’m thinking of you.

  7. Good article.

  8. And syllabic babbling emerges spontaneously in human infants. ,

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