Dammit, lithium, again

Fell down the stairs to my house today. The lithium problems are back. I’ll take only a half dose today, but I just don’t know. The thing is, I’m actually functioning okay right now – not depressed, though not exactly feeling good. This could potentially be such a decent drug for me…if not for the insane crashing around like a cartoon character.



  1. There are always the alternatives. I do very well on Topamax, which was developed for epilepsy and migraines. Lithium made me gain a lot of weight and so did some of the other drugs, nor did they work as well as the Topamax which is like a miracle drug for me. It gets me out of depressions too, that’s the great part. It stabilizes everything, for the most part, although you do have to stay out of crazy making situations and relationships.

  2. I have had balance problems on most medication I have taken as mood stabilizers (though don’t remember if it was a problem with Lithium) On lamotrigine I fell and broke both of my elbows and then a week later fell off the curb right in front of a car!

    I also get REALLY clumsy when I have my period (right before and during). I bump into everything, drop things, trip and fall.

  3. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t just me. Irene…does Topamax require monitoring? Part of my problem is getting regular blood tests, as I just plain don’t have times I can get to labs when they are open. I’m thinking maybe not.

    I think I’ve gotten to a fairly decent point about not getting into the crazy stuff…but that took a long time to learn.

  4. Of course, for me the problem is missing feeling really good. On these stabilizers, I just feel flat.

  5. I never fely flat on Lithium, but I did on everything else I tried prior to that. I take Carbamazepine right now and I don’t feel flat at all. It, along with a few other meds is giving me a life back….not the same one as before, but maybe, in the longterm, and even better one. The meds are different for everyone. I have a friend on a high dose of Olanzapine. I couldn’t even move for two days on the lowest dose, but she is functioning much better than she had been.

    Unfortunately it’s trial and error. Both my pdoc and myself worked hard to find meds that did not leave me flat, or out of it. It is worth the journey and all the hell it took to find a combo that helps me. I still have days where I get hyper happy…maybe not as high as before, but good nonetheless.

    Oh yeah…the blood tests…my pdoc doesn’t do them that often, nowhere near what I read everyone else does. I see him once a week though so he keeps his eye on my symptoms. I know in B.C. we have blood testing facilities open at all times of the day/night. Good luck,

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