And then…things you don’t want to hear your doctor say

come morning, my bedmate started yelling, “Your eyes! Your eyes! What the fuck happened to your eyes? You look like a fucking alien!”

So I wait until it’s a decent hour, then call the shrink. “Whaaaaat?” he says. “Really? I’m going to have to go Google that and get back to you.”

Mydriasis, or my pupils got stuck open all the way. Yep. Google Effexor. It’s there.



  1. Ugh. I don’t even remember that one from my reading the side effects back when I took it.

  2. Yeah, well, usually it is glossed over as “blurred vision” due to a little less reactivity than normal. But I guess 2% get this. Freaky.

  3. That’s awful. I hate the science fair feel of psychiatric medicine: “here eat these and we’ll see what happens”.

  4. Haaaaaaa I’m going to use that…the science fair

  5. Holy hell.

  6. Hey, that’s just plain awful….thinking of you, m’dear, tracy

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