The No-Lithium Update

Physical comedy hijinx aside, I do feel about a million times better just a couple of days off lithium. In fact, now I think I’m getting the residual good effect without the hi-larious accidents.

The new med plan, which I managed to weasel him into, is desipramine. It was that or duloxetine, which to me looks ineffective and is a little new on the market for my taste, or even reboxetine, which I had considered way back a few years ago, if there hadn’t been that ultra-secret FDA mess, which apparently has resolved recently.

So it’s back to something that may make my skin fry, but hopefully won’t – no one seems to really have any idea – and won’t keep me from flying around the room/city, but nonetheless hopefully will keep me from stabbing myself.  Dare to dream.

But…I’ve pulled a few jokes on a friend lately…so some of my sparkle is coming back.

Oh yeah, I think I’m going to start a new feature: Shrink’s Line of the Day for every appointment. Perhaps to give a flavor of the appointment, or perhaps to provide color commentary on psychiatry.

Shrink: You are a talented woman, and it’s a shame you keep wasting your life and talent.

Me (smirking, with my back to him as I’m leaving, in a bitchy tone): Well, it’s mine to waste.

Shrink: Aaaaaaaaaa!

Me:  That was so easy.


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  1. Glad you are feeling better.

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