Does anyone know

how to get the second sidebar to appear on the right side of the page? When I move stuff into it, it appears at the bottom.



  1. Sara,
    I spent time browsing this blog from a link
    I obtained from beepers peepers. It goes
    with out saying that you write so very well.

    You open your heart to those who read
    your thoughts. I liked what I read and


  2. Thanks, Larry. Do you write anywhere?

    If I had any balls at all, I’d quit my job and really try to make a go of it as a writer.

  3. Your sidebar shows up at a higher resolution. When I maximized my screen it moved to the right. What’s happening is it drops to the bottom when it doesn’t have the room it needs. That’s a difference between a fluid and fixed layout, a fixed layout would give scrollbars in this situation.

    You can try editing your stylesheet to make your center section (narrowcolumn) and header narrower, try maybe 450 instead of the 500 they are now. But that means youll also have to edit your header picture.

    I’ll be back…

  4. Aha! I sort of suspected that. I don’t have the kind of account that lets you customize stuff. Guess I’ll just leave everything in the long sidebar. For some reason, I also emptied out the other ones, but they keep showing up with stuff in them.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jon. I am updating links now and adding you.

  5. your writing is beatiful. I’m reading this from the begining and enjoying it as much as I did Seaneen. If you haven’t rea it I highly recommend it.

  6. I do, I love her blog.

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