The mantra: It could be worse

Things are still hard. My brain is still stuck. Mornings are still hell. Things still swing around a lot, like last night, when I really wanted to go to bed, but suddenly just had to run and also write about something funny that happened to me yesterday on my regular blog. So I went to bed late. And woke up crappy.

Now I had a semi-short day, finished around 5, did an errand, and came home. Crashed on the couch. I think I finally picked up some infection from one of the various sick people at this visiting work site. So far nothing too bad, but it feels like the start. Ache in the throat, neck, headache. Physical exhaustion. Whatever.

I’ve been working at a different place, and they seem to like me, even offered me a job (for which I am not yet qualified), which was sweet of them…but I just am getting ready to be done at this site. I’m lonely there without my work friends.

But I have a lot to be thankful for. I was so settled in for the worst that I really am surprised that things aren’t so bad. I was assuming crash position. So far, things have been so much better than they could have. For this, I am profoundly thankful. So I can’t work, can’t think. So what? I’m alive, managing to go through the motions at least minimally. That’s a lot.

In other news, I’m just kicking myself for not buying some of these last time I was in Istanbul. They are so hard to find and expensive online. And they were everywhere there! But I just didn’t have time to stop and really try things on and stuff. Damn.


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