Where to go for support

A good friend who has been following this latest drama suggested I look for some internet forums for support or something. A good idea, in theory.

The problem is when you actually get there, those forums are full of people whose issues are so different, so much deeper. Their lists of meds are the “shut the fuck up” psych meds. They are all on some heavy antipsychotic, clonazepam, and an anticonvulsant. Usually they also are on opiates and have a myriad of the various syndromes: neck pain, chronic Lyme disease, fibromyalgia. Lots of the conversations revolve around how to get more social security and disability benefits.

There are just not many people on there working, living normal lives. I don’t mean to be judgmental and I do understand that they are suffering and all that, and probably this superior attitude is what gets me into half the trouble I’m in, but still…where the fuck is everyone like me?

I do sort of know where we are. We’re hidden, afraid of stigma. Jake told me of someone else working with us with the same thing. I overheard another conversation once last year about someone else – with no name mentioned. We are all destined to ride it out alone.