Survival Tip For Today

This is something I wish I’d learned a long time (and a lot of money) ago.

Shrinks aren’t that helpful, beyond drugs. Seeking roots of problems and so on, after a certain point, is a waste of time. It’s biological, you idiot. And even if it isn’t, the whole idea that “knowing” why you do something does any damn thing to make you stop doing it is unproven bullshit.

So – every time I am tempted to go out and find another shrink, I immediately go and spend the same amount of money on something for me: books, a nice meal with friends, a day at a fancy gym in a hotel, more books, something that gives me pleasure.

This gives you goal-directed behavior, and is a lot cheaper than two shrink appointments. And it’s made me feel as good as any of them ever have.



  1. Maybe we all have secret sad alter-egos? Maybe we should let them out to play a little more? Secret sad Sara sounds much more interesting than Super(ficial?) Sara.

  2. Hi! Wow! I thought no one read this blog. Wish you’d left a link to your site or something about yourself! I always want to read what anyone who stops to read me has to say…please leave a note sometime!

  3. And I love “Super(ficial)”!

  4. You know, that was the very advice that a shrink herself once gave me!!! Obviously trying to put herself out of business!

  5. Any sensitive shrink would love to be put out of business.

    Thank you for writing about your inner world.

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